I am called Madam X and I am a messenger of the Eternal Culture.

Welcome to the Human Being Society

Your Lifetime Membership entitles you to all the privileges and responsibilities of Being Human.
Grow Well!  and remember our motto:

​"WE are YOU"

In Eternal Culture we practice the art of Being  ~ in which the quality of Being is the highest value.   It is also our guide, teacher, and authority. 

We know this by having practiced the art
of Being, through which it was revealed.

We face in the direction of pure Being. 

listen to the wisdom .....
see the revelation........
travel on the current.......

I have seen the unity of the Human species, and it is truly a transforming sight.  I gave it the name  "Human Being Society"
to acknowledge
 its amazing unity. 

This unity refers to the deepest reality of life, the unity of existence.  The unity all Being.

As a messenger of the Eternal Culture I am a constant traveler
in this great unity, which we call the Great Sphere of Time.

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This is our home and
everyone is welcome here. 

As Human Beings come together in this Truth, we grow in a new way, the way that Being expresses itself naturally as each one of us.

By opening the door that links us together,
we are allowing Being to move freely,
to take the form of it own wisdom,
and express itself.

Our conscious part in the process
is one of responsibility ~
to care for, nurture, and guard this growth.

You know, "Being" is simple.
But being "Human" is complex.

As we grow thru incredible extremes in
our Human form (body, mind, senses)
our consciousness also grows
and reveals itself.

This is our opportunity to learn
and to put our learning into practice.