The Eternal History is the story of time~
in pattern & design,
in cycle & rhyme,
a transformation sublime.

In Eternal Culture the progressing design is honored as
the greatest value.  

All meaning is understood in relation to this value.  

It is the essence of wisdom and well Being,

the measure of truth,

and the ultimate source of power and Love.


The Eternal History as told by Madam X,
messenger of the
Eternal Culture.

This ongoing pattern is a progression, which both expands and contracts, and continues thru the Absence.

The Absence is forever marked by each passage of the progression, 
leaving there a vast record of eternal time.

The profound essence of Being, the memory of all time,
connects all Being as One, and is present in the Absence.

The Eternal Culture is the oldest Culture of all time.  It is so old that it has always been and will always be.  In Eternal Culture the art of conscious Being is practiced as a way of life.

According to Eternal Culture, all Being is a progressing design.  And all Beings are the expression of this design.

According to Eternal Culture, Well Being is known through the practice of the art of Being.   The nature and quality of Being is known in this way too. 

The Eternal Culture lives in the natural progression of Being. This is called wisdom and is known as the Divine Teacher.

ETERNAL           HISTORY                       

Eternal Culture is the foundation of the Human Being Society. 
Its vision of unity and interconnectedness, and its model of the living structure of this unity,
 reveal  much about the greater context of Human experience.
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Eternal Culture is based in the "nothingness" which is called Absence.  

The Absence has neither beginning or end. 

It is an "in between" space that connects beginning and ending in an ongoing pattern.