is to align
with the design
of the Sphere
of Time.

Because of the arc in this pattern, "opposition" is a natural creation of
the sphere.   While quality is an aspect of the whole. 

From this we may understand that the oppositions we experience and try to eliminate from our own lives, have a greater purpose relative to the quality of Being. 

The Sphere of Being is a dynamic essence,
a pattern of movement and change, 
an arc of time,
that curves and returns to itself, 
enclosing a form,
a circle,
within circles.....
opening and closing
a sphere,
within spheres....

The quality of Being relates to the free flow of this essence. 
It relates to the will of Being, and to its wellbeing. 
It relates to the parts and to the whole, and to the balance
between them.   It relates to the friction that comes from imbalance.And it relates to the eternal structure of Being,
all that has gone before.

The entire Sphere, including that which is generally considered "other" or "outside" the concerns of Human Being, is One great, interconnected, living Being, sharing the quality of its essence.


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